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Infigo is supplier of Perma Press AB from Sweden for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Austria.

Our decals characterise themselves by the large line acerbity and clear colours and are pressed on a transparent foil. Moreover our decals are environment-friendly according to highest standardisation (Öko-Tex100, contact with baby skin) and warmrelease, so that you never have to wait until the drager has cooled down.

We always plan a tender for you within 24 hours, free of charge! Please contact us for the possibilities.

Operational leasing

Every 3 years a new press? ll the advantages of your own press, without the high purchase costs?
It is possible!

Check out the options for Oparational Leasing of the latest Perma2 model.

Operational lease:
€125,- per month: Perma2 incl. service and maintanance.*
Duration contract: 3 years.

Options after 3 years:
Exchange your old press for a new one with a new contract, or buy your current press at the residual value of €4750,-

When you prefer a contract with a duration of 4 years, you'll pay 10 euros less per month.
When the contract ends you can exchange the old machine or but it for €4000,-

Rent with ownership:
€225,- per month: Perma2 incl. service and maintanance.*
Duration contract: 3 years. After this the press is yours.

* Infigo will arrange a replacement if necessary, so your production doesn't stagnate while your press is being repaired / in maintanance.

(All prices excl. BTW.)


Perma 2 Specifications:

Length: 100 cm

Width: 51 cm

Height: 66 cm excl. chassis.


Weigth: 103 kg excl. chassis.
Weigth chassis: 32 kg.
Power connection:  230 V / 50-60 Hz
Ampere: 8.2 A
Fuse:  10 A



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