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Infigo is supplier of Perma Press AB from Sweden for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Austria.

Our decals characterise themselves by the large line acerbity and clear colours and are pressed on a transparent foil. Moreover our decals are environment-friendly according to highest standardisation (Öko-Tex100, contact with baby skin) and warmrelease, so that you never have to wait until the drager has cooled down.

We always plan a tender for you within 24 hours, free of charge! Please contact us for the possibilities.

Autumn Sale

Discount Action Late summer; a good time to prepare for winter. Ensure that all personnel will have a warm jacket or sweater, with a company logo. Request your transfers before the big bustle. At Infigo you can make your benefit this fall and take advantage of our discount action.

Autumn Picture Autumn Picture

Brest + backlogo / 1 colour / upward of 100 pieces: €20,- discount.
Brest + backlogo / 2 colours / upward of 100 pieces: €40,- discount.
Brest + backlogo / 3 colours / upward of 100 pieces: €60,- discount.
Brest + backlogo / 4 colours / upward of 100 pieces: €80,- discount.
Brest + backlogo / 5 colours / upward of 100 pieces: €100,- discount.

Brest + backlogo / Ecoflex / upward of 100 pieces: €75,- discount.

This offer is valid on all applications approved as an order from September 1st till October 31st 2016 and only applies to simultaneous orders of breast and backlogo of the same design, with the same colours and even numbers. Only applicable for HT Eco, Super Soft, Ecoflex, Ecoflex Embroidery and HT-Reflex.

infigo-2015.pngProducts and prices

We are pleased to inform you that we have maintained all the prices (except the Ecoflex ) for the last 5th year!
Ecoflex has been renewed, which means that there is no difference between HT ECO and SUPER SOFT. The new adhesive layer of Ecoflex has a industrial washability till 95 °C and is super-elastic.

The prices of Plot and Promo FC Contour Transfers have from this year a quantity-price. The price of 1 piece is the same as before. In case of more pieces per design is our Plot and Promo FC Contour Transfer more profitable.

New product

From the 5th of january 2015 we can deliver Infigo Fast Transfers. This is a Full Colour Transfer with the possibility of small, detached details . The abilities of an Ecoflex but available per piece , Suitable for Softshell and dark textile with a washability of 40 ° c. Lifetime approximately 25 washes.

Infigo supplies the machines from Perma Press AB from Sweden, strong and reliable machines with a long durability and low on maintenance.
The electronic time and temperature control always gives you a precise working temperature and pressing time. All machines use compressed air so you always work with an optiomal pressure regardless of the thickness of the fabric. After press time the machines automaticly come up so you do not have to wait until the press time is passed.
Infigo specializes in transfers with extremely high durability, very elastic and resistand to industrial washing. It is also the most environmentally friendly transfer on the marktet printed with water-based inks and meets the highest standards of öko-tex 100.
Our transfers are applied at relativly low temperatures (150°C) so you can print on a variety of textiles without the risk of discolaoration or damage. All our transfers are heatdischarging(?) and printed on transparent film.